The year of 2020 is the subject of reviews by people all around the world. People are facing situations that they have never faced before and new processes and procedures are being implemented, redefining what is normal. I started this year with the theme of treasure and I find it helpful to look back over this year, asking myself questions, through this perspective.

One simple question I can ask is “what can I treasure from this year?” In our students’ journeys at Cornerstone there have been many developments and events that we have celebrated that deserve to be treasured, particularly by parents. This puts 2020 in a very positive light and sets us all up to finish the year well.

Other questions that we can use as we reflect are “have I shown other people that I treasure them?”, “do I live as one who is treasured by God?”, or “are the things that I treasure worthy of that value?”

I pray ttat you will have time in this busy season to reflect on your year and to treasure those around you.

Garry Maynard

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