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We talk a lot about character at Cornerstone – that’s because we believe in its importance. Jesus exhibited a purity of character that is an example and inspiration to us, and the Bible provides us with a fantastic outline of what a Godly life looks like. For us as staff, this is motivation to consistently grow, and to walk with each of your children on their own journey of biblical character development.

Staff have been considering the hallmarks of character that we long to have define both staff and students at the College, and to use these discussions as catalysts to build development opportunities into our classes and children in our care. To quote from some of their musings; ‘Character is often defined as a collection of personality traits within our behaviour that shows who we are. This is shown in our integrity, attitude, moral fibre, disposition, and this shapes how we treat one another – good or bad. It is the REAL you……it does not come automatically, accentually, or suddenly. It is a process that comes from being immersed in community’.

It’s so true. When we brush up against one another in life we see glimpses of our character. Are we loyal, kind, trustworthy? Do we show compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness? Do we behave in ways that are tactful, humble and respectful? There are so many attributes of good character that we would love to feel define us. However, we need to have the courage to turn the mirror upon ourselves to look honestly, and not simply default to seeing the failure in the behaviour of others.

Staff know they are not perfect. No parent or student is perfect. However, we can all grow with God’s help to become people who reflect more and more of who He is.

That’s what we aim to do at the College. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes to make us all more like Jesus. It requires practice, patience and honest consideration of the matters of our hearts, and earnestly seeking His power to change us.

The reward is Christlike character. That’s why we are about providing an Education for Christ, Character, Community. They go hand in hand at Cornerstone.

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