Positive Culture

Our students are consistently giving us examples of the positive culture that we have at Cornerstone. Showing respect to each other and their relationships, stepping up to take on responsibilities that are outside of their regular experiences, being open to new things. I get to see the young students who support their friend with a grazed knee up to the office for first aid, or those Year 7 students who help with the technical side of the Primary assembly. Recently our Head Girl, Tyla, was recognised at a ceremony for young women leaders in our community.

The positive behaviour focus of respect, relationship and responsibility is a great support for this positive College culture and it also mirrors so much of what Jesus exemplifies for us. The relationship we can have with our God through Jesus is one very important part of that story. Of course, we’re moving closer to Easter, so watch out for more about how we will be finishing our term with that focus.

Garry Maynard

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