Inter-campus Collaboration

With a distance time of about 20 minutes between our two campuses, one might be excused for believing that interaction and collaboration is limited.  But not so!

Each week, the Leadership from both campuses get together to plan the future and share ideas, a Playgroup is overseen at the Dunsborough campus by our Head of Primary from Busselton, Judy Nolan, and students from both campuses are guests at each other’s location from time to time.

In recent days, the Red Cross Cadets made their way to our western campus to aid in preparing for an event that will be held in Term 3.  Just prior to their visit, the Year 5 students have journeyed to Dunsborough to work with their younger peers on a construction project.

There’s no better way to witness the connection between the schools than from the children themselves.  Take a look at one of the news articles that the Bussselton Year 5 students wrote regarding their engagement:

Newspaperarticle (1)

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