Focus Outside Yourself to Find Meaning

It has been wonderful to watch the engagement of our students in the co-curricular opportunities that are offered at Cornerstone. Not only were the annual Book Fair celebrations a great success, but the first Masquerade Ball was extremely well received. While both of these events had an obvious fun element, other activities have been focused on areas outside our College. The tree planting program that our Year 6s are involved in each year has a very obvious impact on our local environment and the fund raising that the Secondary students organise each week through the sausage sizzle has already benefited local charity groups.

Having an interest or goal that focuses on something or someone outside ourselves gives a meaning to our lives and activities that is often missing when it is about “me”. To be open to these opportunities is a great feature of our programs at Cornerstone and allows us to develop the character of our students in a deep way. It flows from our “respect” focus and ties in with the “community” part of our education mission.

Garry Maynard

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