Books in the Bush

On Tuesday 21st June,  the Dunsborough Campus held its first ever ‘Books in the Bush’. It was so much more than a Book fair, with guests with special stories being discovered in the bush, and students being asked to go on a hunt to find these treasures.  Once found, children sat down on a mat to hear a story by the storyteller.
Grandma Storyteller and her story of the ‘Missing Hats’ was a great hit with the students, Fiona Hawker unpacked ‘Horton hears a Who’, Ferdinand, the Tailor, told of the Emperor’s New Clothes, and Pete the Cat (AKA Principal Mr Maynard) read about his nice white shoes.
The students and staff all came dressed as a particular character and paraded in the earlier part of the day.
The Busselton campus launches into their event today, with the popular Book Character Parade occurring on Friday morning. Stay tuned to see that adventure unfold.
Making the journey of learning a fun and creative process is something that the College delights in providing. This week has been a highlight in this endeavour.

Chris Bartley as Ferdinand
girls book characters
Liz, Tina, Elle and Lyndel staff at Dunsborough Loellen Clark as Grandma Storyteller

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