Educational Philosophy

Cornerstone Educational Philosophy

Our Foundation
At Cornerstone learning takes place in an environment that reflects our love for God. Students acquire knowledge and skills with staff who love them because of their love for God. As students and teachers walk through the curriculum together we are able to give our most valuable gift – shaping the heart. It is through the heart that Godly “moral and ethical integrity” (Melbourne Declaration, 2008) is formed.

Learning Environment
We believe the learning environment should reflect the character of Christ and Christian values. Just as the world around us is both dynamic, exciting, flexible and inspirational it is also bounded by routine and predictability giving us a sense of safety and security. It is necessary to have both elements so that learning will be engaging and motivating, new and challenging whilst consolidating our skills and understanding. Gardiner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences encourages variety in our learning environment and diverse learning experiences to support different styles of learning.

Students are our focus; great educators are a relational bridge to successful learning. It is a privilege to model and share from a Christian worldview. All educators participate in and promote a love for learning. Skilled educators clearly explain what students are learning, its purpose and what success looks like whilst providing feedback that is timely and relevant, they use evidence to assess progress and plan future learning (Hattie). Expert educators teach explicitly (Flemming), scaffold learning (Vygotsky) and encourage a deep understanding with opportunities for practice. We use the Australian and Western Australian curriculum and integrate student choices, interests and take into account developmental stages (Piaget).

We believe students should feel safe (Maslow), understand mistakes as learning and be able to take supported risks. Critical and creative thinking is encouraged. We uphold biblical values of equity, respect and justice, we expect student to do likewise. Clearly stated consequences exist for those who cross boundaries. Academic learning, character development, the ability to maintain focus, empathy, self-control, and good communication skills will help our students be successful leaders in their sphere of influence in the future.

Jesus encourages us to walk with him, to support others and be supported by others, we do this through relationship. Relationships are at the heart of Cornerstone and at the heart of our College community. When teaching and learning takes place through relationship, community is built (Malaguzzi). Relationships allow us to care for individuals and support our local and global community as we engage in social and environmental issues. Technology gives us the capacity to access a wider community, to teach and learn from other perspectives.

Our future
Cornerstone is firmly grounded in education from a biblical worldview. We have a strong sense community and pastoral care. Education is innovative, individualized and engaging. Students achieve excellent ATAR and/or vocational outcomes with well-developed life skills taught on Cornerstone campuses. We are other centered, serving our College and community with integrity. We see ourselves as researchers, developing reputable projects that will benefit Cornerstone and others.