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jackJack Wallace, one of Cornerstone Christian College’s graduates from 2015, was back on campus this morning.

Jack was very deservingly blessed with an ATAR score of 98.7, which has allowed him to walk straight into his University Course of choice, and also receive some remarkable accolades along the way.

Jack stood out from over 700 students across the state as the student with the highest results in the Applied Information Technology course. As such he takes home a ‘Course Exhibition’ and will attend an awards ceremony in Perth in the coming weeks. This recognition has also delivered him the Curtin University Excellence Scholarship and a Principal’s Scholarship as well.

His teacher, Glen Saw was delighted with Jack’s results. ‘I am so pleased to see Jack rewarded for all his hard work’. Infact, for Glen, a number of his students in this particular subject also achieved remarkable results.

Jack’s success follows in the footsteps of Eilidh Lucas in 2014, who was also the recipient of a Course Exhibition, but she achieved her result in the Outdoor Education Subject.

It is a great testament to the teachers at Cornerstone Christian College, who have provided the resources and delivery of subjects that allow our students to achieve at the highest levels possible, and be academically set up to pursue their dreams.

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