The Results Speak for Themselves

Whilst academic results are only one part of the education that the College provides, we do take great joy in providing the evidence that your child’s learning progression is in good hands.

The Class of 2017 achieved some wonderful results, but due to our small cohort of students the data is not published on the league tables.

With only 8 students completing ATAR last year, we can advise that three of those students achieved an ATAR of over 97.  That’s pretty impressive.  The full results can be seen within our annual report for 2017.  We are one of only two local schools that achieved 100% Graduation of our whole Year 12 cohort.

With NAPLAN, we wish to advise that these results are published on the My School Website, but an analysis has been completed which shows our results compared to every other local school.  The following graphs clearly demonstrate our capacity to provide appropriate academic learning opportunities.




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