Supportive Environments

Last week was a significant opportunity for celebration as we farewelled our Year 12 students. The graduation ceremony on Thursday night, held at Abbey Beach Resort, was a formal opportunity to recognise the successes of individuals and to reflect on the impact that these students have had on the school and their families. Celebrations were taken further the next day when the graduates were seen off by all the Secondary students in a long line of hugs, high fives and goodbye messages.

It is perhaps this aspect of our College that is most striking. Our students form relationships across the traditional year level lines which are significantly enriching for our College culture. To see the many younger students expressing how much they will miss their Year 12 friends was a poignant moment and a powerful indicator of the supportive environment within the school. Our students are the better for having had these relationships with the Year 12s, and I trust that continues for all of our students as the year moves toward its end.

Garry Maynard

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