Resilience is a character trait that helps us respond to challenges and recover from setbacks and it is one area of focus under our mission statement: character. Resilience looks different for each of us and is just as diverse in our students. This week I want to congratulate a group of our students for their resilience in the light of the recent NAPLAN testing. There are just a few tests to be completed this week after the first round of testing started Tuesday last week. You may have heard that the Australia-wide online system experienced some disruptions which left students waiting or facing black screens during their writing test. Our students managed these disruptions very well and maintained their concentration until the end of the test. Showing such resilience in a test environment is commendable.

We will each face situations that require some form of resilience and having a sure foundation makes it better for us when it happens. Spending time establishing that foundation is vital so it can be relied on when needed. In this I’m reminded that God promises to be that foundation for us.

As an update to the NAPLAN tests. We have been informed that an additional test opportunity will be made available on Tuesday 28th May for those students affected during the writing test and wishing to re-sit the test. I will communicate the details for this session to the relevant families when they come through from the NAPLAN organisers.

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