It was a privilege to attend the Busselton Remembrance Day Service on Friday with some of our Year 6 student leaders. Representing our Cornerstone family amongst so many other community groups and schools gave us a special perspective on this region in which we live and work. All of the people there were gathered for a common purpose, remembering the service and sacrifice of so many who have gone before us. The gravity of the occasion was not lost on our students and they conducted themselves very responsibly in this public forum.

The act of remembrance is important as a community because it gives us an opportunity to look back and consider how to move forward. Remembering loses some of its impact if it doesn’t affect how we live, now and into the future. The Bible has many examples of remembrance; people remembering what God had done for them as a nation, as a community and as individuals. Those people lived differently because it. The important outcome of any of our own instances of remembrance is how we act on them.

Garry Maynard

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