Succeeding in Life

In 2008, Harvard University, one of the world’s greatest tertiary establishments, conducted a study amongst some of its most talented, highly accomplished graduates.

They selected those former students they believed would go on to achieve greatness.  The graduates were asked to speak about the most important learning opportunity they had experienced – that pivotal event for which they were most proud and grateful to have encountered.  The results were profound.

They didn’t write about the A+ grade or their brilliant performance.  They didn’t  speak about the many times they had set their sights on a prize, headed straight for it and triumphed – even though this was common.  Instead, their most meaningful learning experiences, without variance, involved a time they struggled to get through, when they had failed, or when they were consumed with fear and doubt – but they came out the other side wiser, humbler, or with recognition of previously untapped strengths.

It’s clear from this that failure, when faced with courage and determination, is a pathway to success in life.

As parents we often do all we can do to protect our children from failure, and our kids would rather quit than do the hard things.  But to take this option is doing a disservice to one of the most important lessons presented to us.  Failure is a fact of life. Learning how to bounce back from it is a life skill that is the foundation towards achieving greatness and developing character.

It is our desire at Cornerstone to journey with your children when they face such times, and to show them ways to manage their disappointment, with God’s help, which will help them navigate using these difficult moments and turn them into strong men and women.  God’s promise is to provide us with comfort, protection, wisdom and peace in whatever life sends our way – but we need to open our hands up to receive these things.   Even in the blackest and darkest moments of failure or fatigue, God is waiting to be invited in to provide us what we need.  It’s a promise.

Isaiah 41:10

‘So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.’

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