How can I find out when something is happening at the college?

The College also sends out a fortnightly newsletter, and a Term Planner is available on the website, as well as being emailed to parents at the start of each semester.

The College Facebook account is regularly including details of what is coming up.



What days are the uniform shop open?

The uniform shop can be accessed online 24/7. All fitting appointments and orders must be placed online and the uniforms collected at the shop. The uniform shop can no longer accept over the counter purchases.

The uniform shop is open for collections of orders on:

Monday 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Wednesday 9:00am-3:30pm
Thursday 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Friday 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Do I have to book a fitting appointment for the uniform shop?

Yes… it is important that you book a fitting appointment to ensure that your child/children get the right uniform. Appointments must be booked via the Sustainable School Shop Website.

What are the current fees?

You can find information on the current fees and payment options here.

How can I contact the principal?

You can request an appointment with our Principal by calling the College on 9754 1144 and ask to speak to Mr Maynard’s Personal Assistant, Dianne Fraser, who will schedule a time.  A request via email can be made to dianne.fraser@cornerstone.education.

If your enquiry is about your Primary school child, please contact our Head of Primary (Ms Judy Nolan) or alternatively via email at judy.nolan@cornerstone.education.

How can I find out about my child’s progress?

You can contact the College on 9754 1144 to book an appointment with your child’s teacher or respective Heads of Primary or Secondary.

How can I get a message to my child/children?

You can call the college on 9754 1144 to leave a message. This must be done before 2:45 to ensure that the message gets to your child.

Do I need to sign out my child at the front office?

Yes… if your child is leaving the school premises it is very important that you sign out your child at the front office. This is both for legal and duty of care reasons that the school must comply with.

Is my child really sick?

If the College contacts you in regards to your child being unwell it is because the College has deemed it necessary to do so. It is important that you make arrangements to pick up your child as soon as possible.

Can we go on holidays during the term?

No.  For the educational program to be adequately covered over the course of the year, students are required to attend classes unless illness or personal circumstances make it impossible.  Please do not schedule family holidays during the school term.

I want to register my child on the bus, how do I do that?

To access the School Bus Services, parents are to contact the School Bus Services team at Veolia Transport.

The in-town service (TransBusselton) does not require application.

The Orange Bus service (Rural) requires an application to be completed either by phone or online.

For details on either of these services or timetable and route information, please call 9753 7700, or visit Veolia Transport’s website at www.veoliatransportwa.com.au.

How can I contact the Board?

You can contact the Board by emailing them at board@cornerstone.education.

How do I book a meeting with the Head of Primary/Secondary?

The best way is to contact us by email directly with at least some information regarding the topic of the meeting to help us better prepare.

Who do I contact if my child is struggling in one or more subjects?

If your child is struggling in any subject it is best to contact their teacher directly. If you feel the problem an overall problem, you may wish to speak to the Year Coordinator. Mr Cleaver (7/8), Mr Taylor (9/10) Miss Needham (11/12)

Who do I speak to if my child is being bullied?

I would encourage you to bring any bullying issue to me directly. Bullying is when people repeatedly and intentionally use words or actions against someone or a group of people to cause distress and risk to their wellbeing. (Reachout.com) We take bullying seriously and will deal with it as a matter of priority.

Why can’t my child use a phone at school?

There are three main answers to this question.

1) Any device that has a sim card can access telephone networks such as 3G, 4G etc. This effectively bypasses our filtered Wi-Fi and allows students access to the entire World Wide Web. In an environment where we are training young men and women to make good choices, we need to be cautious about the online activities available to them. While some parents may disagree, we have taken a conservative approach to best protect the majority of our students.

2) Generally, we have concern about the amount of contact students could potentially make to working parents. While some parents do not mind being interrupted during the day by their child, others would prefer the contact to be limited to essential only. We also believe in training students to attempt to deal with the majority of school based issues within the school. However, if there is a serious issue, students are most welcome to approach the office and request a call home.

3) Use of phones can also be a significant distraction. While IT is part of a modern lifestyle, everyone needs to be cautious about the amount of time spent on or in front of devices. Limiting device use to educaitonal purposes only helps students set boundaries.

When will I get my statement?

Statements are emailed/posted at the start of each term. If you require a copy at any other time please don’t hesitate to contact the Front Office.

How do I read my statement?

1. Each statement is produced for a period of time (ie. usually from the start of the current year until the current date)
2. Balance of transactions prior to xx/xx/xxxx – The statement displays any prior balance to the period of time being displayed
3. Account Code – This is your reference when making payment or discussing your account with the College
4. Total Amount Outstanding – This is the current balance of your account
5. Transaction List – These are the transactions (charges and receipts) that have been applied to your account during the period of time displayed on the statement
6. Balance – This is a running balance of your account after each transaction has been applied
7. 3 Easy Payment Options – As per our enrolment conditions, families have three (3) options of payment: 1) Upfront within 30 days of annual Tuition fees being charged; 2) via a scheduled Direct Debit; or, 3) via an Agreed Payment Plan that allows you to pay regular amounts of your choosing

Can I pay straight into the College account?

Yes. If you want to use this option then there are two (2) conditions that need to be met: 1) The Account Code on your statement must be present in the reference of your bank transaction; and 2) The payment must either be an Upfront payment or part of an Agreed Payment Plan. The bank account details are available via the Front Office.

What uniform is my child wearing today?

In the Secondary College, there are main variations of uniform.

In Terms 1 and 4 it is the summer uniform
In Terms 2 and 3 it is the winter uniform.

On PE days only, either the Summer or Winter PE uniform is appropriate
Any Student in Red Cross Cadets may wear their Cadets uniforms on their appropriate Cadets days.

Students in certain options, such as Sustainability and Drama, may bring subject specific clothing with the permission of their teacher. Alternative clothing may be old clothes for gardening or stage blacks for drama, but students must change into their uniform for the remaining portion of the day.

Can my child wear jewellery and/or make up?

In the Secondary College, students are not permitted to wear make up. The only exception to this is clear nail polish.
The jewellery requirements are as follows:

• No more than 2 piercings in each ear – small discrete studs or sleepers (no larger than a 5c piece)
• No other body piercings permitted
• No Bangles including friendship bangles and rubber bands
• One ring that is simple and neat in nature
• No Anklets or friendship anklets
• One simple gold or silver coloured necklace with a small pendant
• Simple watch

For further information on presentation and uniform standards please refer to the relevant section in the parent handbook.

Are Velcro shoes okay to buy for my child?

Students in the secondary college need to wear black leather lace up shoes when in formal uniform. On PE uniform days lace up runners or cross trainers that support the foot adequately are required. Skate shoes, volleys and slip ons are not permitted.