Drop Off & Pick Up

Collection of Children & Bus Travel

Children are to be collected from their classroom or from the car park areas outlined below. For those who utilise the bus services, students in Year’s 1 – 6 will walk to the bus stop area at the end of the day where a teacher will help them get on their bus safely. Children in Kindy and Pre-Primary will be escorted to the bus shelter.


Children must be collected from the class teacher, and will not be released to carers or siblings without written permission from the parent/guardian.

Kiss and Drop Zone

The kiss and drop zone is to be used strictly for dropping off or picking up students only. The driver must not leave the vehicle at any time. If your child is not at the designated pick up area when you reach the pickup zone, please park your car or re-join the queue.

Please Note: Students must be ready with their school bag and shoes on.

Front Carpark

Front entrance carpark – Parents of all students may use the main school car-park area. If you are taking your child into their class or visiting the school for any reason, you must park your vehicle in the designated areas.

Grace Court and Auditorium Carpark

Grace Court & Auditorium – This car park is available to all parents. Students will be supervised by teachers when crossing the driveway to the school and the entrance to the ELC. The footpath must be used. Crossing the road in front of the bus shelter can be very dangerous and is prohibited at school pick-up and drop-off.

Waratah Court Parking (For parents with their youngest child in Year 3 or above)

Parents must PARK in the angled parking provided by the City of Busselton, ensuring that they do not block access to residents’ homes. There is a ‘No Standing Zone’ clearly marked in the cul-de-sac, so please DO NOT WAIT for children on the road. Please ensure your children utilize the footpath provided to access your vehicle and NOT the road.

For senior students who have obtained their license please refer to the Student Drivers Policy.

Late Arrivals

To assist teachers with settling their classes, and for our records, students who are not in their classroom by 8:40am are automatically marked as absent for the morning. If students arrive after this time, they are required to report to the College Office for a late note and an infringement will be issued unless a valid reason is given.

A warning siren will sound at 8:38am as a warning that students must immediately proceed to their classrooms.