Open Invitation

The College has been buzzing with so many activities that add to the learning that happens here at Cornerstone. You might be aware of some of the stories that have been told in the last couple of weeks – lambs in classrooms, two athletics carnivals, mountain biking competitions, the Jane Austen evening, a whitewater rafting camp and the Dunsborough learning journey. This week culminates with the Open Night, which is a diverse display from our students.

It is easy to celebrate the events and the highlights but the Open Night is also a reminder of the daily classroom experiences of our students, not only producing work to be displayed, but also building learners with strong character. We hope to see you at the event, because it will be a very special evening, but please also keep in mind that this represents the cumulative work of a lot of individual students, staff members and parents, contributing to our wonderful community.

See you there!

Garry Maynard

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