Jane Austen Night

Last Thursday night (13 October) our Year 11 English students gathered for the third annual Jane Austen Evening where parents and students alike pulled out all stops to ensure a splendid array of costumes. The girls looked lovely and the boys were elegantly attired.

The purpose of the evening was to give students an opportunity to experience something of what it was like to live in Jane Austen’s world having studied the novel, Persuasion.

The College staff room was converted into a Regency period dining venue complete with appropriate décor and most importantly, lit entirely by candle light. It took about 15 minutes to light all the candles. The dinner was splendid with the school’s canteen operator, Mrs Michelle Shipton heading up a team of volunteers to present a menu of traditional English fare including white soup, roast beef & Yorkshire pudding, roast vegetables (including parsnips!) and baked apples, ice cream and breading pudding for dessert.

A new departure was a period dance item which was organised by Seth Hastie, one of the members of the class. There were also readings from the novel and a Shakespearian sonnet.

Ashlyn Atkinson-min

Principal Mr Bruce Douglas and Mrs Ren Douglas -min

Jack Ellery and Jarred Brough-min

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