Healthy Minds

Mental health is a topic that comes up regularly in today’s personal conversations, in our community and professional circles. It has been highlighted so positively with the recent Invictus Games, particularly through stories of individuals showing support to one another. At a Mental Health Symposium last week I took part in some training and discussion focused on building a supportive environment for students, encouraging good mental health and the services that are available to schools for students having difficulty in this area. It was heartening to see a room of educators all committed to this essential aspect of working with children and teenagers.

Our students are continually meeting new pressures and situations, from Pre-Kindy right through to our newest graduates. For many of these students they will respond with an expected level of emotion and stress, but for some they will need more support. I encourage all of our parents to stay in contact with the staff of our College as we work together for our students.

Garry Maynard

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