Fees & Tuition

Fees For 2018


Our aim is to keep fees and charges equitable for all families and ensure that we are wise and efficient with these funds and resources to continue operating our great school. If you need further clarification on the fee structure, levies or other charges please make an appointment to meet with the Principal or Business Manager.

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Discounts & Rebates


Cornerstone offers very generous Sibling Discounts to families with more than one child. These discount rates are applied at the same time as tuition fees are charged and help families to budget these costs.

Child Number Discount Rate
1st Child 0%
2nd Child 15%
3rd Child 30%
4th Child 80%
5th Child 100%


In recognition of the additional costs parents often have to pay for when their child undertakes a VET program the College will be providing a new rebate. This is based on the number of days that a student participates in an off-site VET program.

Days off Campus Discount Rate
1 DAY 10%
2 DAYS 20%

VETAMORPHUS (Year 11-12 Ministry Course)

Vetamorphous is a third-party course that offers students a Certificate IV in Theology. This is a promoted course by the College and as such students receive a 50% rebate on the cost of the course.


Cornerstone offers some very generous rebates for families who find themselves in financial difficulty. Parents are encouraged to complete an application form at the commencement of each year or when their child starts with the college. To obtain an application form, please request one from the Front Office.


Up-Front Payment
Parents are encouraged to pay their Tuition Fees within 30 days of them being charged and will receive a 7% Early-Payment Discount. This is the preferred option for the College and if not taken up then parents have two (2) more options available to them.

Direct Debit Payments
All fees, including Option Payments, Amenities, Levy’s and Tuition Fees can be bundled up and paid via a Direct Debit arrangement. The college will debit your bank account on a regular basis, as chosen by you, and credit it against your account.

Agreed Payment Plan
The final method available is via an Agreed Payment Plan (APP). Parents are encouraged to sign a declaration stating how their accounts will be paid and this will be monitored by our Credit Officer. This is a helpful alternative for those wanting to Direct Credit our bank account or pay by cash, cheque or Credit Card.


Families new to the college will be charged a $30 per student non-refundable application fee to cover any administration costs. New families will also be charged an Enrolment Bond of ($350 for the first child and then $150 for each subsequent child) before any child commences that will offset charges once a family has commenced at the College.


Students in Years 10-12 often participate in workplace learning (work experience). In 2016 the College introduced a new charge to offset costs associated with assessing workplaces. These assessments aim to ensure that the workplace is a safe environment and that competent duty of care is provided. The WPL charge will be $50 per workplace assessment.


2012 saw the introduction of a Capital Levy for each family. This levy goes towards playground and maintenance works throughout the college. The levy is separated out of Tuition Fees to demonstrate that funds are being utilised to maintain and upkeep the buildings, furniture and playground facilities. The levy for 2017 will be $450 per family.


The IT levy is for the purchase and upkeep of ipads, eboards, internet facilities and other college IT equipment.