Education and Formation

I have recently been speaking to people about the question “What is education?” For some people the answer is simple. Education is about information. The students need to learn things and schools are there to make that happen. For others, education is about formation. The focus is on what students are becoming and “good learners” is one of those goals. This creates a much richer experience for students, when they are able to develop in all areas of their person.

At Cornerstone we are definitely about formation. The middle word of our mission statement reinforces this – character. Students learn about the curriculum as well as Christian truth and values and then have the opportunity to put these lessons into practice. You just have to look at our Facebook page to see a glimpse of some of the ways we determine this happens. It’s exciting to see our students grow in this way and we appreciate the special partnership we can have with parents in this College as we work together for their children’s formation.

God Bless

Garry Maynard.

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