Confidence and Humility

An aspect of our Mission statement at Cornerstone is to develop students with confidence and humility. These could be seen as opposing ends of a character spectrum, but instead we desire to see them existing together in our students. Some of our staff recently heard an education leader describe something similar as “humbition” – humility with ambition. The distinction we develop through confidence rather than ambition comes from the purpose for a student’s confidence. Our students are encouraged to have confidence because their focus is on service of others rather than self-advancement. Confidence and humility can exist together comfortably when the goal is outside oneself.

There are many examples of this lived out each day in the College. One of them occurred last week with our Hospitality students serving lunch to the new Secondary student council. The humility and confidence exhibited by both groups – the servers and those being served – was a credit to them all. This highlights the opportunity that we all have to live out Jesus’ explanation of his purpose, that he did not come to be served, but to serve. (Matt 20:28)

Garry Maynard

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