Cornerstone Christian College recognises the important role volunteers play in supporting the College’s educational programs through direct contact with the teachers and students, or through behind the scenes support for College activities.

Voluntary opportunities at Cornerstone are diverse.  Whether it’s working one on one with a child within the classroom, helping in the library, having an official role at a sporting carnival, or helping with learning support, we have a place that will suit everyone.

If you are a parent of a student at the College, you can speak to your child’s teacher about how to get involved, or contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Mrs Lynn Chapman via the front office.

If you don’t have a child at the school, we would still value your help.  You just need to provide us with a copy of a current Working with Children’s Card (we can help you apply for one if you need to), and complete a simple agreement form which acknowledges that you understand our expectations on Child Safe processes as well as matters regarding confidentiality.  Once the agreement is signed and the Working with Children Card is in place, we will find the perfect place for you to serve our students and our community.

Volunteering is good for us and is invaluable for our students – and we believe your association with the College will also be good for you.  You will make a huge difference, and that’s great for everyone.

You are invited to ask at the front office for a ‘Volunteers Pack’, which contains the documents you require to get started.  Alternatively, the Volunteer Agreement Form (for non parents) can be found here.  You can download it and submit it to our front office along with your Working with Children’s Card, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

We can’t wait to have you join our team.