Parents & Friends

P&FCornerstone Christian College is delighted to have the support and partnership of our parent community, and we invite every family associated with the College to join with us in creating an environment where students and families thrive.

A key part of our partnership program is with our Parents and Friends Association.  Here’s a snapshot of how the current Executive team of the P & F see their role:

‘The goal of the Cornerstone College Parents and Friends Association is to build an inclusive community that provides opportunities for all to contribute to the life of our school. The level of involvement is up to you, but we welcome your ideas and input and encourage your presence at meetings! Each family in our school is automatically a member, and we hope you will keep informed about your associations upcoming events.   The P & F Executives for 2018 are Tammy Broadbent (President), Louise Riches (Secretary) and Mirinda Atkinson (Treasurer).’

The newsletter regularly features a corner which will keep families updated with events the P & F are hosting, in addition to the College Facebook page being a source of information.


Links are provided here to allow you to access the latest minutes from meetings, make suggestions to the Association, or volunteer within the College.

click here to Volunteer.

click here to make a suggestion to the Parents and Friends Association.

click here to view the latest minutes of the Parents and Friends Association.