Community Contribution

The mission statement for Cornerstone finishes with the word “community”. It is an important feature in how the College approaches education, seeking to develop in our students the ability and desire to participate in their community and serve others. This service can begin while they are at school but ideally is a motivating factor in our students’ lives after they leave us.

This semester our staff have spent time looking at the different parts of our mission statement and this community focus is a very practical and observable outcome. An example of this in our College life are the upcoming tree planting activities. The Primary students from the Busselton campus will be planting trees in conjunction with a local development and the Dunsborough students will be planting at the end of their campus using donated plants from a local group, Geocatch. A large number of our Secondary students have also recently been recognised at an assembly for a wide variety of community involvement.

This region has a uniquely close community and the place that Cornerstone occupies in that community is vital not only for the development of our students but also simply for the positive impact we can have. There is a regular section in this newsletter where these contributions are highlighted, so keep an eye out for opportunities to encourage our students’ efforts in this area.

Garry Maynard

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