High School is about consolidating learning allowing our students to constructively engage with the world around them, critique its worldviews and beliefs allowing them to change their world and the world around them. Through the example of Jesus Christ students grow their character and learn to love and serve others.

Students in the Secondary school have the opportunity to pursue an academic route towards University, or an alternative VET (Vocational Education and Training) education if preferred.


As a Christian college we teach the Australian Curriculum from a Christian world view and we are fully compliant with the state and federal curriculum standards and legislation. At Cornerstone we are not only focussed on teaching curriculum but we want to value add to this by incorporating leadership development, community service, team work and cooperation into the culture of the College.


Cornerstone Christian College provides a suitable ATAR program offering a range of courses, skilled and qualified teachers and support through Year 11 and 12. As a College we pride ourselves on offering an ATAR program that enables students to enter any University course. We also offer unparalleled student support through the tough senior secondary years.

ATAR course offerings include, but are not exclusive to: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Human Biology, English, Physical Education, Outdoor Education, Geography, Applied Information Technology and Visual Arts

For more information please see under Specialist below.


Our Vocational Program runs in Years 11-12, offering a choice of traineeships, certificate and workplace learning options.

Currently at the College we offer the following certificate courses:

  • Cert II in Outdoor Recreation
  • Cert II in Creative Arts (Furnishings)
  • Cert II in Hospitality
  • Cert II in Business

We also have direct access to outside providers such as South West Institute of Technology (SWIT) where students can complete certificate courses in, including but not limited to:

  • Building and Construction
  • Nursing
  • Health Care
  • Community Services Work
  • IT
  • Conservations and Land Management
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Child Care
  • Retail
  • Engineering



Middle school at Cornerstone Christian College is our intentional provision of an environment which addressed the teaching, learning and pastoral needs of our students. The transitioning from Year 6 to Year 9 is facilitated by introducing students to electives and our College specific curricular and co-curricular elements.

We aim to grow young people’s character, assist them in becoming more servant hearted; like Christ, and have a Community focus on the application of their knowledge and wisdom.

Learning is the primary function of our College and with assistance from our learning support coordinator, the special needs of students are identified and catered for, as they transition from Year 6 into Year 7, enabling the effective support of students by their subject teachers.

Relationships are crucial in Middle School. Our students experience a sense of belonging with our vertical House Groups. Each of our four Houses currently has two classes and accommodates Year 7 to 12 students creating a family feel. Pastoral care is crucial to student wellbeing and Form-time each morning is an integral part of our school day. The pastoral care teacher is the first point of contact for parents. We also have House leaders and student mentors. In addition, the team teaching model of Year 7 is used to nurture students.


Senior School at Cornerstone Christian College encompasses Years 10, 11 and 12. Our purpose is to develop in each student the personal attributes described by the College’s three focusses: Christ, Community and Character. Our declaration is that Christ is central to our identity with ultimate ownership and sovereignty over our school. Education programs are delivered to students by motivated and talented Christian teachers who embrace a Christian worldview, encouraging students to be Community and other centred while purposefully mentoring character development.

The Senior School seeks to maximise the learning of each individual student, encouraging and assisting them to utilise their God-given talents and abilities in order to pursue future pathways. They are encouraged to be independent thinkers, make informed decisions, and take responsibility for their own actions as learners.

Pastoral Care at Cornerstone Christian College is relational and has a family feel to it. The four Houses; Benjamin, Judah, Naphtali and Reuben are structured to have students across Year 7-12 in each. A house currently has two form classes to keep the numbers low. Morning Form class in these House groupings leads to Friday house assemblies and competition which builds a spirit of belonging and team.


Outdoor Education

Our outdoor education program provides an exceptional opportunity for young people only to learn important theory and practical skills in the outdoors as well as leadership development, team work and environmental management.

The quality of the program is highlighted by Eilidh Lucas being announced as the top Outdoor Education student in Western Australia for 2014.


Cornerstone offers Art in a variety of styles and media from Year 7 through to Year 12. Middle School students learn new skills in Drawing, Painting, Ceramics and Printmaking. They begin to talk and write about art.

Year 9 and 10 students can choose from Art to Photography, specialising in a range of media and styles. They learn to discuss art and create an art journal to document their discoveries.

Year 11 and 12 students can choose to take ATAR or General Art, both involving large production pieces of art at the end of each Unit (semester). Art students enjoy working together on these major art productions in after school creative sessions of art/pizza evenings.

The ATAR level adds theoretical components plus exams whereas the General level involves some theory and investigation study with no exam. We have three Art Specialists in the High School, all working together to ensure students are able to develop their own art style.


Both woodwork and metalwork provides an integrated process from the initial concept and hand drawings to precision computer blueprints and actual production. Projects undertaken by students include furniture and tool making.

Home Economics

Our spacious and modern home economics room provides our students with a fantastic platform to develop their culinary skills. As part of the curriculum our students host a number of functions including and Pastors breakfast and high tea, where they will be in charge of every aspect from menu design to decorating, cooking and service.


The College has a dedicated maths program including Specialist Mathematics, University entry pathways and vocational mathematics to suit all students. Mathematics staff are dedicated to student outcomes and learning providing additional time and tuition for our students.


Our humanities program leads student into the fields of History, Geography, Economics, Business, Politics, Civics and Citizenship.


Science at Cornerstone Christian College is tiered at three levels: Middle School is about integrating problem solving, understanding key principals and visualising learning with the seamless use of IPAD’s and PC’s. Year 9 and Year 10 is about getting to the heart of the matter continuing with investigating scientific concepts and doing appropriate practical work, while discovering which students are ATAR bound and who are VET bound. In Year 10 the focus shifts to preparing students for their final years at the College. Year 11 and 12 students can pursue Chemistry, Human Biology and Physics at our school. Students have produced brilliant ATAR ranking results in all sciences since 2008.

Skills learned in Middle school and in Year 9 become crucial as senior students are expected to work effectively in small groups, record data and compile above standard reports and presentations.

The Big Science Competition is an annual High School event and Cornerstone students have historically excelled, receiving countless Distinctions and Higher Distinctions.

Join us in Science and you will discover you purpose, your talents and your future.

Bush Ranger Cadets

The College offers access to the Bush Ranger Cadets program and the ability for students to complete a Cert II in Outdoor Education.

IT Program

In 2014 we introduced a 1:1 device program into high school placing an iPad in the hands of our year 7-8 students with the goal of rolling out the from 7-12. The program is designed to ensure that our students are both competent and responsible users of IT in the 21st Century.

The goal is to teach our students how to utilise technology as a tool, and to train them in how to use it with excellence. The character of students is paramount, and staff will be working diligently to help each child to become leaders in society – not only in the leading edge use of technology but being balanced and ethical in how they manage it.