Our focus is Christ-centered student learning. We strive to live out and model biblical values daily. Education is seen through the lens of a Christian world view. Students are guided to see themselves as Jesus sees them and encouraged to be that person.

Teachers intentionally build relationships with their students to provide a safe and secure learning environment. When students feel safe they are able to participate in the engaging and challenging activities teachers provide as they feel able to take risks in their learning.

We believe students should clearly know what they are learning, how to be successful in that learning and be supported by feedback from the teacher. Teaching may be explicit as well as consolidating knowledge and skills.

At Cornerstone we care as much about character as academic achievement. Character development is essential if our students are to be successful learners and valued citizens of the future.

We encourage our students to be outward looking and to serve the community when opportunities arise. We may do this through fundraising (e.g Market Day), attendance at community events (e.g. ANZAC Day) or providing a community service (e.g. visiting elderly residents in care facilities).


At Cornerstone we believe that the learning that comes from our specialists areas are crucial to providing our students with a well-rounded education.

We are blessed to have skilled staff who are passionate about their areas of expertise.

  • Music includes an optional choir from Years 3-6, specialist instrumental teachers and performance opportunities.
  • Swimming and Athletics carnivals are highlights on the school calendar and Interschool events have high participation levels.
  • Art is an engaging process where students produce some amazing products that are displayed at public events.
  • Chinese culture is introduced from Year One and our students are taught to speak, understand and write Mandarin.
  • Information Technology prepares our students with computer skills, coding and an understanding of how to safely navigate the online world.
  • Library is an engaging and relaxing place to borrow books and visit at recess and lunch times.
  • Our Canteen has delicious and healthy menu options.

IT Program

‘Our team of committed professionals has worked hard to deliver a program that has the goal of teaching our students how to utilise technology as a tool, and to train them in how to use it with excellence. The character of students is paramount, and staff will be working diligently to help each child to become leaders in society – not only in the leading edge use of technology but being balanced and ethical in how they manage it.’

Students in Years 3-6 have an engaging weekly IT lesson in our Computer Lab where specific skills and strong ethics are taught by our IT teacher. Students in Years 1 and 2 are taken by their class teacher to the Computer Lab to develop their skills on a desk top computer. Every student has access to great educational programs: Mathletics, Reading Eggs (up to Year 4) and Typing Tournament both at school and home.

As well as access to desk top computers, every student in Years 5 and 6 has their own (school provided) i-pad in the classroom. Students in Years 1-4 share i-pads 1:2, they have easy access to individual i-pads for class, small group or individual work. Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students have a 1:4 ratio of i-pads for group or individual work and an Interactive Intelligent Board for whole class teaching. The Interactive Intelligent Board is a wonderful teaching tool as it is touch operated and facilitates hands-on learning.

Year 6 Camp

An annual Year 6 camp is held at the beginning of Term 2 for 3 nights, 4 days. Camp is compulsory for all Year 6 students. The aim of the camp is to provide activities for team building, to develop leadership skills and to allow students the opportunity to be challenged about the Christian faith and its role in their lives. Students are challenged physically through carefully selected activities, supported by qualified instructors and emotionally as they live with one another.

This is a time of bonding for students and teachers as care, cooperation and respect for one another becomes an essential and necessary value. Every year we are regaled with stories about the happenings of camp as it become a memorable highlight for the students.


We are excited to be able to offer a music program from Pre-Primary to Year 6. Students come for a 45-50 minute lesson once per week with a trained music specialist.

Children in Years 3-6  also have the opportunity to join the choir which performs at school, community events and aged care facilities.   Students can  attend individual tuition through the school with external teachers, learning violin, piano and guitar.   There is also a Primary music showcase in Term 3.


Our Pre-Kindy program provides the perfect opportunity for children to develop their potential in a calm and flexible learning space that values play and builds on a child’s natural curiosity. Children will form new friendships with one another as they participate in stories, rhymes, music, and indoor & outdoor activities. These experiences will extend and enrich communication, language, and social and emotional development that will lead to successful learning.

This high quality pre-kindy program allows children to become familiar with our Early Learning Centre, which helps to enable a smooth transition to Kindy.