Pastoral Care

One of the key markers of Cornerstone Christian College is the spirit of care and love experienced by those who have the privilege of an education or association with the school. As part of our program here, we utilise the BUZ program.

The ‘Build Up Zone’ philosophy is endorsed by the College, and all teaching staff are trained in how to provide an climate that encourages a positive and hope filled experience for each child. This includes supporting inclusive play, working with students who have the potential to be bullies in how to engage fairly with their peers, and also providing support to students who need to learn how to be resilient. Learning life skills that encourage emotional, spiritual and relational health is considered paramount.

In partnership with our staff, we have a team of volunteers who are on campus throughout the week, and who uniquely care our students. These men and women come from a range of backgrounds of personal and professional experience (chaplaincy and youth work) that provide the additional assistance that is sometimes required.