Early Learning Centre

At Cornerstone we believe every child is uniquely created by God, that he loves each and every one and that He has a special plan for their life.
The Early Childhood years are crucial and formative years. The learning that takes place during these years plays an important role in determining the way a person feels about him or herself, the way a person relates to others, their capacity to solve problems, be creative and the way a person thinks and learns.

At our Early Learning Centre (ELC) educators believe in supporting and working in partnership with families to nurture the growth and development of all children in our care.

Our teachers are very intentional about providing a safe and nurturing learning environment that allows our students to develop skills and knowledge through play that encourages our students to explore, identify, negotiate, take risks and be creative. We provide a solid educational, social and spiritual foundation for future learning that is aligned to the Early Years Framework, National Quality Standards and the Australian Curriculum.


The Pebbles program at Cornerstone has been in operation since 2006, and was established to support students in their transition to Kindy. Families are supported through a gradual process of ‘letting go’ as children become accustomed to spending time away from family. At Pebbles children are introduced to the structure they will encounter in the following year and learn new routines while making new friends.

Pebbles operates half a day a week during the school term. It is staffed by an experienced Early Childhood teacher and Educational Assistant. Parental participation is a key part of the success of the program and is a necessary part of a child’s position within the class. A roster for parent help will be available from the first session. It is not necessary that a parent always takes a place on the roster, children enjoy sharing activities with grandparents as well. On these occasions it provides an opportunity for parents (or grandparents) to gain an appreciation for the way the class operates.

We have found children who have attended Pebbles settle happily into Kindy routines the following year. Enrolment into the Pebbles program will also guarantee a place in Kindy the following year.


At Kindy we continue to work in positive partnership with parents as we foster a love for learning through the Kindergarten program. We provide an opportunity for the expression of personality and uniqueness, to experiment, explore, discover and solve problems as students learn through play. As students learn through play there are opportunities to talk, listen and to explore language. During play children learn to show respect for each other, work co-operatively and demonstrate responsibility and self-control. Importantly there are also opportunities to relax and just have fun.

Our Kindergarten program (based on the Early Years Learning Framework) is a developmental program aimed at assisting your child to achieve and progress at a rate that is appropriate to them individually. We facilitate learning experiences in:

  • Language development
  • Number Concepts
  • Technology
  • Creative skills
  • Social growth

The learning environment is developed and guided by children’s interests and the curriculum. Activities may be planned and intentional or developed as children’s interests are discovered and supported. Concrete experiences, resources and guided learning provide balance and variety as the spiritual, emotional, physical, mental and social wellbeing of your child is supported and challenged.


Positive partnerships with families is vital for the ongoing nurturing of learning in Pre-Primary. Our program continues to build on the various skills learnt in Kindergarten and support from home becomes increasingly valued. The students will be provided with more specific and intentional opportunities to observe, ask questions, be creative and experiment – all within a nurturing and safe setting. As in Kindergarten your child will PLAY. However, do not dismiss this lightly; the play ‘learning environment’ provides valuable opportunities in all areas of development.

The learning program in Pre-Primary continues to aim at fostering a love for learning and will build on foundation already laid in Kindergarten in the areas of:

  • Language development
  • Number Concepts
  • Technology
  • Creative skills
  • Social and physical growth

The Pre-Primary program is a developmental program aimed at assisting your child to achieve and progress at a rate that is appropriate to them individually. Our program is based on both the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum.