I have often commented on our College community and how it is reflected in this newsletter. This issue is no different and you will find here so many great examples of how our College impacts people and events. I want to take this opportunity to thank one particular part of our community. There have been some significant changes to our College governance structures recently and one group have been most quickly affected by this change, and that is our College Board.

The Board has been made up of committed individuals who have diligently volunteered their time and attention to the governance of the College. This group has encompassed a variety of community members over the years of the College, many of whom are still involved with the College or local churches in some way. I want to thank the most recent of these Board members who have worked through the change of governance so graciously.

The governance of the College has now been taken on by Christian Community Ministries who have a CEO and a Board, replacing the previous College Board. This new governance structure of the College links us with an organisation that looks after 11 other schools across Australia, providing us with administrative resources and support. There are no immediate, direct implications for classes but there are definite medium to long term benefits for our College.

Thankful for the work that has gone before, I look forward to working with this new organisation, focusing on the remaining term of this year’s word – better.

Garry Maynard


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