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Our annual Book Fair is one of the highlights of the year. It helps focus our students on reading and the importance of literacy and provides our Primary students with opportunities to see some of the latest books that have been written for them. I love seeing the excitement on the faces of the students when they are choosing the books that they would like to read. The book character parade is always a colourful event and the Secondary students love getting involved too.

Like so many of the co-curricular activities at Cornerstone, this focus on literacy is linked to so many learning outcomes. There is a strong component of literacy in standardised testing such as NAPLAN and OLNA, which is also reflected in Secondary graduation requirements. The College’s classroom literacy programs are focused on developing our students’ skills in this area but students who engage positively in literacy activities, like reading, outside of school time are able to reinforce their learning.

Look out for the photos and stories that come from this Friday’s book character day and know that it forms an important part of our bigger education picture.

Garry Maynard

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