Award Winning Designs

The results are in.

From over 12,000 entries across the Nation, our very own Lana Harris (Year 7) has been awarded the winning position for her year group in the Wool4school competition.

The competition is largely one relating to design, where students were asked to create a uniform for one of our Australian sporting teams. The honour is significant, and someone from Woolmark will be flying into Western Australia to come to Busselton to present Lana with her prize and acknowledgement.

The Woolmark is an iconic Australian brand, that seeks to celebrate and promote the heritage our nation has on ‘the sheep’s back’. Australian Wool Industries is a not-for-profit company that invests in research and development and marketing to increase the long-term profitability of Australian woolgrowers. Based in Sydney, they have offices in key markets around the world to help increase the global demand and market access for Australian wool. Their annual competition runs across Australia and overseas to engage students in the wealth and history Australia has in this industry.

Further to Lana’s win, Emily Kerr, also from Year 7 was named as one of the 12 runners up in her division. Not a bad result for Cornerstone!

Congratulations to both our young ladies. Well done!…/past-competitions/2016-winners/

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