Principals Welcome

Message from our Principal, Garry Maynard

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Cornerstone Christian College.

Cornerstone is not just another school. In 1986 a visionary team of parents and educators caught sight of how a Christ centred education could deeply impact our region. What began with 17 students and a single teacher has now flourished into a school rich in heritage that has had thousands of students impacted by our unique form of education.

Our Christian-based values are planted into every part of a Cornerstone Education. The Christian message is woven into every learning area by teachers who all are firmly grounded in their own faith. It’s not just a philosophy that we lightly adhere to, but, as our name states, it is our cornerstone.

PrincipalGarry Maynard

‘My greatest hope for our graduates at Cornerstone, is that they realise God has given them gifts and talents, and that they will reach for, and achieve their personal potential. Coming to a deep acceptance and understanding of all they can be with God at the heart of their lives is a great motivator for me in my leadership at the College’

The Cornerstone experience is one where education is taken seriously. Our NAPLAN and ATAR results speak for themselves. What is less measurable, but no less real, is the way our students are challenged to engage with, critique, and then transform the world around them. The development of each child’s character is as important to us as their academic results. From the enrichment of character comes the ability to move beyond the walls of Cornerstone and serve and enhance the lives of others. It is our God-inspired hope to cultivate our children to become young men and women who make a difference in their world.

We consider it a privilege to partner with parents in helping each student entrusted to our care to discover their own unique set of God given gifts and unlock their potential. The engagement and partnership with families into College life is deeply embedded into our culture, and this sense of community is distinctly unique.

We welcome you to consider Cornerstone Christian College as the educational home for your child. We take great joy in partnering with new families whose heart is to see their children be educated in a way that is academically stimulating, and equally to be encouraged to flourish in their social, emotional and spiritual lives as well.

Education for Christ, Character, Community. It’s our motto. It’s our hope. It’s at the heart of Cornerstone.