The Role of the Board

Cornerstone Christian College is a limited liability not-for-profit company.

Under Australian law, it must have a Board of Directors. Their job is to:

  1. Work out the big picture stuff, such as core values, vision, a mission statement and motto.
  2. Appoint the Principal
  3. Support and oversee the Principal.
  4. Ensure that the College remains viable financially.
  5. Do their best for the good of the College.

There are certain things that Board Directors don’t do, like getting involved in the day-to-day running of the College, hiring or firing any staff (apart from the Principal), telling teachers what to teach, choosing carpet colours, and determining the canteen menu.


Contacting the Board:

Parents are encouraged to communicate any concerns (or even great ideas or words of encouragement) initially with their child’s teacher(s), then the Head of Primary or Secondary or Dunsborough, and then the Principal.  If there is a matter that a parent feels is still not resolved after pursuing these avenues, then writing to the Board is a further step in the process. We encourage you to consider the process of escalating a matter within the College’s Complaints Policy.  That can be found here.

The Board Directors are passionate about Cornerstone Christian College, and although their role is more of a long term steering one, they do care about the staff and students and really want God’s love and light to shine throughout the College.