Meet Our Board of Directors

As a Board, we’re pretty excited about giving kids the opportunity to receive an education and learn about life from God’s perspective. We not only want children to learn Christian values so that they will be good contributors to society, but to develop great character, and to experience God’s love, grace, and truth.

For us it’s about education with a purpose – it’s Education for Christ, Character, and Community.

  • Mr Garry Maynard
    Mr Garry Maynard Principal - BEd

    As the only employee of the College Board of Directors, Mr Maynard is involved in all aspects of College life including management of staff, strategic development, the implementation of College policy and educational leadership for K-12.

  • Mr Isaiah Eringo
    Mr Isaiah Eringo Director
    Isaiah is passionate about education and in particular with Christian influence,
    which shapes, moulds and builds Christian character into our children.
    Isaiah and family have called Dunsborough home for the last 6 years,
    Isaiah is involved in leadership at Dunsborough Church of Christ while working in the hospitality industry.
  • Pastor Nathan Seinemeier
    Pastor Nathan Seinemeier Director

    Nathan is the Associate Pastor at Cornerstone Church. He has a heart for seeing people grow into all that God created them to be and loves that this is part of the vision of Cornerstone College. Nathan and his lovely family moved to Busselton in 2010 and enjoy being a part of the Cornerstone community.

  • Mrs Fiona Amudala
    Mrs Fiona Amudala Director
  • Mrs Edie Strutt
    Mrs Edie Strutt Director
  • Mr Peter Ravenscroft
    Mr Peter Ravenscroft Director
  • Mr Lewis Bint
    Mr Lewis Bint Director

    Contributing to the Board at Cornerstone Christian College is a very worthwhile participation in the delivery of quality education in a Christian setting. Our own children benefitted from the pastoral nature of secondary school Christian education so I have been convinced that the investments we make together are valuable, and to be valued.

  • Ms Jane Vickery
    Ms Jane Vickery Director

The Role of the Board

Cornerstone Christian College is a limited liability not-for-profit company.

Under Australian law, it must have a Board of Directors. Their job is to:

  1. Work out the big picture stuff, such as core values, vision, a mission statement and motto.
  2. Appoint the Principal
  3. Support and oversee the Principal.
  4. Ensure that the College remains viable financially.
  5. Do their best for the good of the College.

There are certain things that Board Directors don’t do, like getting involved in the day-to-day running of the College, hiring or firing any staff (apart from the Principal), telling teachers what to teach, choosing carpet colours, and determining the canteen menu.

You may be wondering, “How does someone become a Board Director?” Like any company, Cornerstone Christian College Ltd has company members, and these people appoint the Directors. As its name suggests, the College was started (in 1986) as a mission of Cornerstone Church of Christ, and the company members are the Elders of Cornerstone Church. So when someone is nominated to become a Board Director, the Elders of Cornerstone Church have to decide whether or not they feel that the nominee would be a good fit for the Board, particularly in terms of passions, skills, personality, and spiritual maturity.

The Principal is a non-voting Board Director.


Contacting the Board:

Parents are encouraged to communicate any concerns (or even great ideas or words of encouragement) initially with their child’s teacher(s), then the Head of Primary or Secondary or Dunsborough, and then the Principal.  If there is a matter that a parent feels is still not resolved after pursuing these avenues, then writing to the Board is a further step in the process. (

The Board Directors are passionate about Cornerstone Christian College, and although their role is more of a long term steering one, they do care about the staff and students and really want God’s love and light to shine throughout the College.