CCC Brand

The Creative Rationale

In 2015, the College launched a new logo, which was part of strengthening the brand we call Cornerstone.

The design brief was simple. Design a dynamic, modern and non-traditional brand that will portray the essence of Cornerstone Christian College; a caring, progressive, academically excellent community grounded in Christian values. A brand that can be used across multiple campuses that communicates a clear, meaningful and consistent message.

Some of the key drivers behind the brand included;

  • Growth and Nurture (Gum Leaves)
  • Our Location (South West)
  • Academic and Guiding (Compass)
  • Community and Connected (Community Puzzle)
  • Accepting and Supportive¬†(Birds on Branch)
  • Christian Faith (Cross)

All these aspects were considered in the design process. As such the new brand was designed as a stylised compass signifying clear direction and guidance, with the north point suggesting progressive upward movement and the dominant compass point angled towards the South West.

The form of the compass points were based on the shape of gum leaves indicating life, growth and development with the veins and leaves combining to create a cross, the very foundation and cornerstone of our College.

The construct of elements reflecting the diversity of our community, with radiating colour signifying dynamics, energy and reaching out. The outward reach and lines draw the eye to the CROSS IN THE CENTRE.