Cornerstone’s ATAR results are to be celebrated.

We have a lot to celebrate!

A review of our results from our Class of 2016 ATAR examinations, shows we have performed exceptionally well. Our median ATAR result of 82.6 ranks us above most schools in our region and is well above state averages. This result was not published in the papers because we have a small Year 12 class, but as one of only two Geographe schools with 100% graduation, it shows that we have been able to work individually with all our students to help them achieve their goals.

In addition, we have been named as course leaders in Human Biology and Outdoor Education within Western Australia.

This follows on from a strong two years leading into this, where students from Cornerstone obtained the highest ATAR results regionally (over 98), as well as taking out the highest results from across the state in two subject areas.  The top students in Applied Information Technology (AIT) in 2015 and Outdoor Education in 2014, were from Cornerstone Christian College.  We are punching well above our weight with results like these!

With an ATAR average in 2015 that was a full 8 percent above the rest of Western Australia, the evidence is clear that your child’s academic outcomes are in good hands.

Well done to students for such great results, and to staff for the concrete evidence of their provision of an education of excellence.

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