2015 Chevron City 2 Surf

This year Cornerstone Christian College is gearing up for an AWESOME fitness and community building challenge/exercise. With less than 2 weeks to go we are looking to pull together an AWESOME team for the 2015 Chevron City 2 Surf walk/run on Sunday 16 August.

The event is for the whole family not just students so make it a family fun day! In other words, this is YOUR opportunity to join team CORNERSTONE. You can sign up for either the 4km walk/run or 12km walk/run.

By signing up with team CORNERSTONE you will receive a 15% discount. Students over the age of 16 who sign up for TEAM CORNERSTONE can register as a ‘child’ but must ensure they get their DOB right on the registration form.

Make sure you enter the discount code:

Adults and students under 16 should enter the code- SCHOOLRUN15

Students over 16 should register as an Adult but enter the following code – Busselton school15

To register click here  For more information on how to register click here.

Let’s come together to create the biggest team and brightest team! Please all wear red or black on the day!

For more information contact: Mrs Lisa Haagensen at lisahaagensen@cornerstone.wa.edu.au

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